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The Department of Entomology is an assembly of many research labs that study the diversity, ecology, and economic, agricultural, and health impacts of insects and other arthropods. Our department has particular strengths in plant-insect interactions, chemical ecology, pest control and biocontrol, insect-microbe interactions, pollinators, systematics, and biodiversity, as well as outreach and extension. Our faculty primarily works on two campuses: Cornell’s main campus in Ithaca, NY and the NYS Agricultural Station in Geneva, NY. Graduate students are encouraged to develop their own research plans while working with their faculty supervisors, other professors, and fellow students to produce original research.

Students admitted to Entomology are guaranteed five years of full tuition, stipend support, summer stipend support, and health insurance during their PhD programs. We make this guarantee by ensuring that students have teaching assistantships which provide a stipend, and by helping students secure internal and external fellowships. Through Cornell and other funding sources, most Entomology students have fellowship for at least one year during their PhD program. Our community supports learning and provides a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere for both basic and applied entomological research.

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Ecology, Evolution – Jennifer Thaler, Katja Poveda, Scott McArt
Systematics – Brian Danforth, James Liebherr, Jason Dombroskie
Behavior & Chemical Ecology – Charlie Linn, Linda Rayor
Managed Systems Entomology – Arthur Agnello, Greg Loeb, Brian Nault, Ann E. Hajek, John Sanderson, Anthony Shelton, Kyle Wickings
Medical and Veterinary Entomology – Laura Harrington
(Prof. Harrington is particularly seeking students interested in a fully funded MS in Vector Microbiology.)
Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Biology – Brian Lazarro, Jeffrey Scott, Ping Wang, Nicholas Buchon
Physiology – Angela Douglas, Cole Gilbert

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