The event

This two day event is intended to expose students from underrepresented groups to the people, facilities, and opportunities that make up our departments. Students considering graduate school in the sciences with interest in ecology, biogeochemistry, evolutionary biology, entomology, or plant sciences are encouraged to apply. This event is not the same as applying for acceptance and enrollment to EEB, Entomology, or SIPS graduate programs. It is intended to build faculty/prospective connections in order to strengthen future applications to the graduate programs. If accepted, we will cover participant travel expenses (domestic only), and housing and meals during the event will be provided. Our goal is to ensure that these students will go on to pursue graduate school in these fields.



Participants will stay with current graduate students, meet with lab groups and faculty within their areas of interest, and meet one-on-one with faculty members. This rare opportunity will allow participants to connect with faculty before the normal cycle of graduate school applications begins.




Current graduate students will share their experiences of applying to and choosing graduate programs. They will help participants think about honing their research interests, explain how funding for tuition, stipend and research is acquired, and will expose participants to potential career paths following graduate school. Current students will be available to answer any questions participants have. 




Many students are unsure about what careers exist for those with PhDs in the natural sciences. We want to help demystify the path to graduate school and what lies beyond. Careers in research at universities, government labs, non governmental organizations, and museums, as well as jobs in industry, policy, consulting and entrepreneurship are all possible with a Ph.D. from Cornell E&EB or NB&B. Through this preview event, participants will become familiar with the range of possibilities for careers.